Digital & Application Consulting

The growth of digital has created unprecedented opportunities for organisations to engage and interact with their customers. Every organisation will have to decide how they respond, striking the balance between enhancing existing processes and creating new ones. We help our customers harness the benefits of mobile, web and cloud technologies to digitally transform their business. Using agile/CI methods, our services cover the entire software lifecycle from business strategy, through to development and launch of new processes and services, and the migration of existing applications to the latest technologies.

Services Integration and Management

The success of a modern, digital enterprise is often determined by how effectively IT and business work together to deliver services that meet the expectations of their end users and customers. We have experience in delivering service integration transformation and can empower organisations with the insights they need to gain a strategic advantage over their competitors. From assessing your current capabilities and technologies to creating a service strategy and roadmap, our experts can assist you in creating your digital transformation plans, however large or small. 

Process Redesign & Continuous Improvement

By not only focusing on delivering benefits from the implementation of new technology, we have also helped a number of customers deliver real results that spur even more transformation. When working with transform4business, transformation doesn't end when we walk out the door. Through training and development we create a internal capability that enables your entire organisation to continue make improvements in new ways across your enterprise.

Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management services provide you with the systems, methodologies and expertise to manage multiple complex projects in a cost-effective manner. We can assist you from feasibility through to operations, ensuring you have the control, information and transparency required to ensure the project/programme is a success.

Agile Transformation and Delivery

To be competitive in the digital age, businesses need to achieve agility at scale. Agile software development is a key differentiator and brings with it benefits including faster time to market, higher quality products and satisfied customers. We have worked with a growing number of organisations to transform their delivery capability through the introduction of advanced agile thinking, processes, tools and techniques.