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Transform4Business are an independent affordable Digital & Transformation consulting firm, that works with public and private enterprises. Through our own systematic approach to lean transformation coupled with digital technology, we transform the way you do business – serve customers in new ways, become more competitive and operate more efficiently. 


The range of digital technologies available today have the capability to change how we do almost everything.


We are living in a time where digital is impacting every business in one way or another. This brings opportunities to an organisation, but also a number of challenges for organisations with old technology and silo working. Below are the services we offer in helping you get ahead of the curve:

• Enterprise-wide technology changes

• Implement emerging trends and new technologies – digital, pervasive computing, new commerce, ERP

• IT Strategy, process and/or technology efficiencies 

• IT Business model redesign

• Process Improvement - Lean Six Sigma, Yellow & Green belt training, Continous Improvement, Leadership Coaching

• Value-chain improvement initiatives (supply chain programs)

• Data harmonisation

Our Approach

Innovative business strategy, world-class customer experience, creating new value, embedding agility into operations - these are the things that propel businesses forward. 

Are aim is to deliver tangible benefits through the implementation of new technology, scalable for future growth. By focusing on the user experience and business strategy, our experts work with your staff to ensure issues in current operations are not replicated in the new design, refining your processes for results you never thought was possible. 

Technology Focus

When planned and executed correctly, new technology can create lasting value. At Transform4Business we aim to go one better by optimizing your sales and service performance, attracting new customers and retaining their business for years to come. Click below to see more insights on how digital is transforming all market sectors. 

We appreciate you have supplier choices. Choosing Transform4Business provides you with the:

  1. Specialist knowledge and vast experience of delivering successful major programmes, providing you with the knowledge and tools to bread further success 
  2. Track record and know-how in digital and technology change, transferring knowledge and expertise for the future  
  3. Values of partnership and collaboration in our approach 
  4. Passion and true desire to ensure we successfully deliver for you time after time
  5. One of a limited number of consultancies that can offer Lean Transformation built around the benefits of digital technology 

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